About Fast Track Performance

Fast Track Performance is a full service shop out of Louisville, KY. Our services are very diverse, we do anything from very small maintenance, to full race car builds.

If you take the time to look through the project/shop car pages you will see that the majority of our builds are high horse powered street car builds. Cars that retain as much driveability as possible, yet outrun the competition at the track.

We offer a very wide array of services, here are a few that happen on any given day:

Small Fabrication - From bracketry to accessory mounting
Large Fabrication - Full blown turbo kits, headers, subframe connectors, suspension parts, rollcages, and much more
Engine Building - Bolt on parts, heads, cam(s), intakes, superchargers, dress-up parts, complete engine assembly
Suspension - We offer regular maintenance, performance upgrades, chassis tuning, lowering, and alignments
Transmission Rebuilding - Specializing in the T-56
Regular Maintenance - We change motor oil, brakes, and much more
Car Audio & Alarm Installation - Combined over 15 years of experience
Tuning - Available for some makes and models while we specialized in LSX-powered vehicles. Contact us for details about your car!

We have many tools on hand to help us achieve our daily tasks such as:

  • Mobile Dynojet Dyno
  • (2) 2-post car lifts
  • Tig Welder
  • Mig Welder
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Many other common tools needed

Lastly, we buy from over 300 different manufacturers. If for some reason there is a product that you want and you don't see it on the website, PLEASE contact us about it. We add new manufacturers almost daily.

Below is a list of some of the suppliers we use:

*Red denotes that we are a Direct Dealer

Turbo Parts:
Precision Turbos
Forced Inductions (new tech. turbo company)
Tial Products
JGS Products
SPD Exhaust (fabrication parts)
Stylin' Motors (silicone products)
Cool Coatings (turbo coatings)
Bell Intercoolers
Ebay Style Intercoolers
Supercharger Parts:
Kenne Bell

Suspension Parts:
PA Racing
Wolfe Racecraft
Alcohol/Methanol Kits:

Rear End:


Below is a mid-supplier that carries a lot of typical parts you would buy from Summit or Jegs. I can be competitive with them even on small orders, they ship to me in one day, and carry tons of stock.


We take pride in providing customers with the correct parts for their application while keeping their "end result" goals in mind. I am factory direct with majority of these suppliers and can get the products in a timely manner to your door. We are a smaller shop and I do believe that we take care of a customer better than the bigger shops with large overheads. Most are more concerned with paying for there 10,000+ square foot shops then getting you the RIGHT part for your car.