Anthony Peck's Ford Mustang

Engine Management/Fuel System:
  • Stock PCM with HP Tuners 3 Bar Upgrade
  • 2-Step
  • Low Impedance Injector Driver Box
  • 96lb Injectors
  • (2) 255lph Walbro Pumps
  • Aeromotive Regulator
  • Carb Style Fuel Rails

  • Diamond Coated Pistons
  • Callies Rods
  • Stock Crank
  • ARP Main and Head Studs
  • Double Roller Timing Chain by Rollmaster
  • Mellings Oil Pump
  • Mildly Ported 317 Casting Heads with Stock Valves
  • 6.2l GM 5-Layer Head Gaskets
  • Stock Rockers
  • Stock Lifters
  • 7.4'' Chrome-Moly Pushrods
  • Small Camshaft

Turbo Specs:
  • 1 3/4 Primary Headers
  • SPD Double Slip Merge Collectors
  • 2.5'' Vbands and Feed Pipe to T-6 Flange
  • FI88x Turbocharger
  • JGS 60mm Wastegate
  • JGS 50mm Blow Off Valve
  • 5'' Downpipe
  • Air-Water Intercooler

Drivetrain / Suspension: Rear:
  • 8.8 Housing
  • 35 Spline Moser Axles
  • 35 Spline Spool
  • FMS 3.23 Rear Gear
  • Moser C-clip Eliminators
  • 5/8 Wheel Studs, Brakes and Axles Drilled for Dual Bolt Pattern
  • Team Z Upper and Lower Control Arms
  • Team Z Anti Roll Bar
  • Team Z Mini Tub Kit
  • Strange Dual Adjustable Coilovers
  • Aerospace Street Brake Kit

  • Pa Racing K-member for SBC
  • Team Z Lower Control Arms
  • Strange Ajustable Struts
  • Strange Coilover Kit
  • UPR Polished Billet Caster Camber Plates
  • Aerospace Street Brake Kit

  • FTP Custom Thru-floor subframes
  • FTP Custom Transmission Crossmember


Here are pictures of when we first acquired the car. It was very much stock, and didn't hide its age very well.

Chassis Preparation

We started with the work that needed to be done to the front of the car. Removing the engine, stripping the engine bay, grinding all the holes to be filled, and welding the holes shut. We will be welding more of the spots shut after we do all the turbo fabrication and find out where all the supporting parts will be mounted.

Mini-Tub Work and Rear End Build-up

Then we got the car up in the air and began to do the work needed to fit good size tires under the car. At first we were going to try and move the factory tub over a couple of inches. After taking measurements it was apparent the car was going to need to be cut all the way to the framerail to fit the 325-50-15 radials. There are also a couple of pictures of the cutting of the spare tire well, this room is needed for the coilovers, there upper mounting, and the custom fuel tank/Intercooler reservoir we will be fabricating. More pics will be added when we finish the mini tubbing, and finish the rear end completely.

Engine Build-up

After we got to a stopping point with the rearend, we moved on to the meat of the project which was assembling the engine and installation. As mentioned above, our "LSX Mustang" received a 347 Iron block. Diamond coated pistons, Callies rod's, stock crank, ARP main and head studs. Top end of the engine consists of a set of mildly ported 317 casting heads, 6.2l GM 5 layer head gaskets, stock rockers, 7.4'' chrome-moly pushrods, and a small camshaft. A lot of money was spent on the 4l80e transmission and Precision 5 disk lock-up converter to keep the car very streetable and reliable. It WILL be well worth it.


Pictured below are the Strange 10-way adjustable front struts, Strange coilover kit, Hypercoil 175lb springs, and the stock spindles powdercoated gloss black.

Header Fabrication

Here are some pics of the 1 3/4 primary headers for the turbo project. They feature a pair of SPD exhaust double slip merge collectors. The coil packs will be mounted below so we chose to go upwards with the runners to give a aggressive look, did it work?

Turbo Fabrication

These pictures show the progress on turbo fabrication along with the different intake elbows. The 120* aluminum elbow is the type to be used under a stock f-body hood. We decided to run a 100* elbow because we have plenty of clearance, even with the stock hood.

Exterior Pictures

Here are pictures of the exterior of the car with the new wheels, tires, and brakes. It's amazing how much better it looks.

Sit tight, be sure to add us to your favorites and keep checking back.

More information on the LSX Mustang build progress will be coming shortly!