Charlie's Camaro

Engine: 355ci LT1
Management: Fast
Fuel System: Walbro Intank, and 75lb/hr Injectors
Clutch: Spec Stage 4
Turbo: GT42-76
Wastegate: Tial 44mm
Blow Off Valve: Tial 50mm
Intercooler: 4" Ebay Intercooler

Hot Side Fabrication

Charlie brought us his car for us to fabricate the hot side of the turbo kit only. He is a do-it-yourself type of guy so he planned on doing everything else the car needed. This car was done about 2 years ago, and we didn't keep nearly as much info then as do now. Here are some pics of the manifolds, y-pipe, and turbo placement.

Cold Side Fabrication

After seeing the job we did on the hot side, he gave us the OK to go ahead and do the cold side plumbing also. Here are some pics of it:

Completed Build

Here are pictures from the day Charlie came to pick up his car. He just needs to finish a few small items and then it's ready for BOOST.

Check back for future updates on Charlie's results.