Kamdon's 2003 SVT Cobra

Kamdon originally came in for an overheating problem. Later after diagnosing the car, we found that it had a blown head gasket. We then pulled the engine and found scarring on the cylinder walls. We left the engine building process to a local shop that is very familiar with Ford engines. While we had the car, we added subframe connectors, resealed the rear differential, added longer ARP rear studs, rebuilt the T-56 transmission, added the Whipple 3.3 with KB Boost-a-Pump, AEM Wideband, Autometer boost gauge, and assembled everything.
Engine: 4v 4.6L V8, Manley H-beam connecting rods, Mahle rings, Stock crank
Management: Stock
Fuel System: Kenne Bell BAP, 60lb/hr Siemen Injectors and Harnesses
Transmission: Fast Track Performance-built T-56
Cooling: LFP Radiator, LFP Dual pass heat exchanger, and LFP Supertank intercooler reservoir
Supercharger: Whipple 2.3 supercharger w/3.25 pulley

Whipple 2.3 Supercharger
Metco 2# crank pulley
Metco 100mm idlers
Accufab single bladed throttle body
Built T-56 Transmission
Subframe Connectors
26 spline input shaft
Steel 3-4 shift fork
Solid 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 keys
Bronze shift pads
MGW orange handle shifter

Heading #1


Heading #2



Kamdon's Cobra made these numbers at 17.8psi.