Anthony Peck's 2003 SVT Cobra

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Engine Update!
Fabricated Intake Manifold

Shortly after deciding to change up the stock 4-valve 4.6L motor, we began work on fabricating a custom sheet metal intake manifold designed with a direct port nitrous system in mind. Below you will see how our custom fabricated sheet metal intake manifold came together.

Engine Update!
CNC Fuel Rail Stands and Other Accessories

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Here we're showing off how the CNC'd fuel rail stands and Manual Adjustable Tensioner for the Alternator look inside the engine bay.

The photos below show some of the work that was done to fit the fuel pump, and also some of the clean up work done to the bracketry after the initial rough design. We used the snout area of the pump to place a bearing for the stock serpentine belt to ride on. We also decided that the fuel pump should be driven off of the water pump since it was not designed for the load the belt would put on it.

We also got the 220lb Fuel Injectors in. With the high pressure capability of the injectors and fuel pump, this should fuel about 3000 HP on gas and 2400 HP on E85. The injectors also idle and will tune out well.

Turbo Update!

Here we are ready to start on the turbo manifolds. The turbos pictured are billet ball bearing 6265's with V Band Inlets.

The cold side of the turbo is starting to come together. As of now the hot side is welded and the turbo mounts are made. We will use standard V Band assemblies for the turbo to intercooler and "Wiggins" style clamps for the intercooler to throttle body. Also shown below is the intercooler core we are using.

Proposed turbo location:

Suspension Update!
Control Arms and Custom Transmission Crossmember

The Upper and Lower Control Arms are finally in but we're still waiting on the Strange DA Coilovers and Anti-roll bar.

We also built the Transmission Crossmember

Then we went ahead and cleaned up the frame and welded in the Coilover Crossmember.

We also began reinforcing the Torque Boxes

Modded and shaved spindles. Front brakes are in. Brakes on the car.

Another Suspension Update!
Strange DA Coilovers and Aerospace Components Brakes

The Strange DA Coilovers came and we installed them. After that, the Aerospace Components Brakes went on the car.

Transmission Update!
Custom Torque Converter

Here is our custom torque converter to fit the 4L80E transmission and modular motor. This replaced the old LS1/Chevy torque converter (installed using adapters and spacers).

Engine and Suspension Update!
LS1 Cam Trigger/Gear and Anti-Roll Bar

Here we are showing the fitment for the LS1 cam trigger/gear on top of the factory one, and then drilling the LS1 crank trigger for proper balance.

We made plates to weld to the frame rail so the Anti-Roll Bar can be unbolted and serviced when necessary. And then we show the bar itself with slotted Adjustable Arms.

Everything is welded and fabricated!

Now we are focusing on the engine bay plumbing and wiring.

Miscellaneous Update!
Engine Bay Plumbing, Custom Fabricated Adapters and a Breath of Fresh Air for the Shop Car

Locking chain tensioners and fittings for the water ports at the front and rear of heads. Still working on plumbing the fuel system and cooling.

Started plumbing everything today. The plan is to make a Y adapter that ties the 2 #12 lines from the front of the heads to a single #16 to the top of the radiator. We are also going to make the cooling system fill in the middle of the Y.

Letting the car breath and stretch its legs a little bit.

Fabricated a Y to finish the top lines. Two #12 lines from the heads to a single #16 at the radiator.

Machining on both cam gears to get it behind the timing cover and to locate on each other.

Another Miscellaneous Update!
Intercooler Piping and Other Shenanigans

Starting the intercooler piping to the engine in this photo.

We added a Coolant Fill to the Y fitting.

Here we are showing the bracket for the LS1 Crank Trigger.

Almost finished!

After the completion of these parts we will be able to put all the covers on the engine and let them be. The LS1 crank trigger and cam trigger will be 100% and the car will just need wiring and plumbing.