Cara's 2003 Ford Mustang

This is Cara's 2003 Ford Mustang. Cara came to our shop in the Summer of 2007 asking about what we could do in terms of turbocharging her 3.8L V6 Ponycar. Cara wanted a turbo kit that would be reliable, streetable, and of course, powerful. We discussed the options with her and formed a gameplan for a custom, Fast Track-built single turbo kit featuring a Precision PT61 turbo. Along the way she decided to have us install an off-road single 3-inch exhaust setup. We then recommended she also go with a Dynomax Bullet muffler, which, if you watch the video clip at the bottom of the page, made this V6 sound like a beast on the road. The entire project was done at Fast Track except for the tuning, which was handled by Greg over at Speedy's Dyno.
Engine: Stock 3.8L V6
Management: Stock
Fuel System: 255lph Focus Fuel Pump, 39lb/hr Injectors
Transmission: J-Modded Valve Body
Turbo: Precision PT61 Turbo
Wastegate: Tial 38mm
Blow Off Valve: Tial 50mm
Cooling Fans: Flex-a-Lite Dual Pushers
Intercooler: 3" Fast Track Performance Intercooler

Fast Track Performance Custom Turbo kit
AEM UEGO Wideband O2 Air/Fuel Gauge
Autometer Sport-Comp II Boost/Vacuum Gauge
Single 3" Off-Road Exhaust with Dynomax Bullet Muffler


Here is Cara's Mustang before the turbo build. It made around 160rwhp and 190rwtq with a couple bolt-ons. Needless to say, this car was simply begging for our turbo kit!

Test-fitting the Piping

After we fabricated all of the piping for the turbo kit, we bolted it up to the car one last time to make sure the fitment was perfect. After that, we sent the piping off to be powdercoated.

AEM Wideband and Boost Guage

While the piping was away getting powdercoated we installed an AEM Wideband and Autometer Boost Guage.

Powdercoated Pipes and Finalizing the Build

Here is the newly powdercoated and ceramic coated piping, and how it looks installed on Cara's Mustang. Once everything was in place, we loaded up the temporary turbo tune and started up the car. From here, Cara took the car to Speedy's Dyno in Owensboro, Kentucky to have the car professionally dyno tuned. The dyno sheet can be found further below.


Cara's Mustang made these numbers at only 9.5psi peak, and conservative tune. She was very happy with the gains, nearly doubling rear wheel horsepower and torque at 9.5psi.

Lastly here are some pictures and a video that Cara provided of her car about 8 months later, still looking and running great!