JGS 40mm Wastegate


Product Information

The JGS 40mm Wastegate is a VERY compact unit capable of handling 750+WHP. Excellent for low clearance applications. Our wastegate geometry has been the cure for boost creep in many large engine applications.

Made in the USA, not another cheaply made imported copy! Engineered, Tested, Machined, and Assembled here at JGS Precision Turbo. Built to survive over 1/2 million full cycles at boost pressures of 40+psi. Connections match most 35-38mm wastegates. Each wastegate includes a low spring (6-7psi est.), medium spring (8-10psi est.), 1/4" barbed hose fittings, SS exhaust gaskets, and 4 shims.

  • Model: TK188
  • Manufactured by: JGS Precision