Kenne Bell 2.1L (Intercooled) for 1999-2001 Cobra



Product Information

Same power potential as the '03-'04 Cobra with the Kenne Bell kit. 9 psi about max on pump gas with stock rods & pistons. This kit will produce 462HP at 9 psi and 449HP at 7.5 psi.Kit includes necessary fuel system and inlet upgrades (Kenne Bell Cool Air Kit, BOOST-A-PUMP, 90mm Meter, SWITCH CHIP, 42lb Injectors and Cobra Inlet Tube). Max boost for the 2.1L is 18 psi, but Cobra/Manley low compression pistons and rods are necessary for boost above 9 psi. '03 Cobra intercooler, heat exchanger, fill tank pump, hoses, fittings, adaptors and all hardware is included.

- Same basic kit used on '03-'04 Cobra, but with the new BIG BORE 2.1L**.
- Intercooled or non intercooled (modified '03 Cobra inlet manifold and intercooler).
- Low loss/hi flow Kenne Bell heat exchanger.
- Kenne Bell 2.1L -750HP rated.
- Upgradable from non intercooled to intercooled.
- Same power potential as '03-'04 Cobra with Kenne Bell Twin Screw 2.2L.
- Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMP and fully calibrated CHIP included in all kits.
- 6-21 psi boost.
- Inlet manifold for both Big Oval or stock throttle body.
- 6 rib or 8 rib system (optional).
- Optional Kenne Bell 90mm Kit, Big Oval Throttle Body, Cool Air Kit, 317L Fuel Pump, BOOST-A-SPARK, gauges etc.
- '03 Cobra inlet tube (all kits) allows use of stock 80mm or Kenne Cobra 90mm.
- Knock sensors relocated and re-calibrated with Kenne Bell CHIP. New harnesses included.
- New water inlet tube and fittings.
- 1 belt drives supercharger and accessories.
- Intercooled (9 psi) or non intercooled (5 psi) standard kits.
- 160 degree thermostat.
- 4 minute pulley changes.
- New hybrid rotor profiles.
- Billet bypass valve.
- Direct bolt on replacement. Connects to stock inlet system.
- Big increase in HP & torque.
- No boost drop off at high rpm.
- Lower gears not necessary.
- Cooler air charge temperature.
- 60-80 degrees cooler air charge temperature and requires 10-16 less HP to drive than Roots style*.
- Looks factory. Mounts on top of engine.
- Fits under stock hood.
- Whisper quiet. No embarrassing and annoying gear noise.
- Internally lubricated. No tapping holes in oil pan. Doesn't use engine oil.
- Billet aluminum supercharger (others use cast aluminum).
- Manifolds and supercharger all pre-assembled and tested.
- Available in satin finish or polished.
- Easily installed. Kit replaces upper intake manifold.
- 50 State Legal.

  • Model: TS1000-99C-INT
  • Shipping Weight: 140lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kenne Bell