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Product Information

Through the years at Fast Track Performance we have designed, fabricated, installed, and tuned many different versions of turbo kits for our customers. We have also tuned and installed other kits by all the major players in the turbo lsx game. We do believe that the turbo kit below is the best t4 based turbo kit on the market. We are also in there process of adding a t6 version for those cars with larger engines or those who just need more horsepower. Here are some of the main features listed below:
  • Can be completely installed in 1-2 days work for most mechanics. Once installed the hot side of the kit can be removed in minutes for service
  • Relocates only the fans and the alternator, and relocation parts are very simple
  • Retains a/c, cruise control, power steering with and without cooler.
  • Can support up to 1200 hp with no modifications, typical turbo choice is Turbonetics TC 67-78mm
  • Has stock plug and wire clearance, no chance of burning expensive plug wires
  • Uses factory cast manifolds for high durability and heat retention
  • Uses 1/2'' thick flanges and high quality v-band and downpipe flanges
  • Kit is built out of mild steel. This avoids the cracking that can be common with stainless turbo kits on street cars that see a lot of heat cycling. We can build in stainless at an extra cost, just contact us if interested
  • Includes a down pipe bung for wideband as well as bungs for factory narrowband 02 sensors
  • Intercooler does not block any path of fresh air to the condenser/radiator, the factory scoop/ path is maintained
  • Cold side piping is mandrel aluminum/stainless bent with minimal welds
  • Turbo kit clears stock and aftermarket larger diameter front sway bars.
  • We are offering the "kit" in several forms starting with a base kit and working our way up to a complete kit with every bolt and nut needed.

What the base kit includes for: $5000
  • Turbonetics TC turbo (67-78mm)
  • Tial 44mm wastegate (available in different colors-polished standard)
  • Tial 50mm bov (available in different colors-polished standard)
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Mild steel hot side piping with 4 bungs for sensors
  • FTP Intercooler
  • FTP "turbo" k-member
  • Air filter
  • Aluminum/Stainless 3" intercooler piping
  • 5 ply intercooler couplers
  • Stainless t-bolt clamps

Accessory kit: +$800
  • Alternator bracket
  • Polished radiator cover
  • Pusher fans
  • Oil feed and drain
  • Vacuum lines
  • Heat wrapping tape
  • Kit includes everything you would need to bolt the turbo kit to the car and get it functioning

Fuel/Engine kit: +$1050
  • Manley Hardened Pushrods
  • Patriot Dual Valvesprings
  • Walbro High-Pressure Fuel Pump
  • Motron 60 lb/hr Fuel Injectors (others can be substituted)
  • NGK TR6 Spark Plugs
  • Kit includes everything you would need to take a bone stock car and make enough power to max out the stock engine. Kit will support up to 1200hp with the correct turbo. Does not include tune or drivetrain upgrades needed.

Dress-Up kit: +$150
  • Polished Radiator Support

Below is our test car for the first production turbo kit. The car came to us absolutely bone stock down to the air filter. We designed the kit to fit his needs, while making the system very simple, easy to work on, and cost effective. We added a set of hardened pushrods, and a set of Patriot dual valvesprings and the only mod's to the engine. The turbo kit is exactly the same as priced above, and it uses a 67mm turbo for this application.

Underbody pictures of turbo kit:

Clearance on hot piping to k-member:

Hot side only on mock-up engine:

Front mount and piping with bumper removed

Front mount pre trimming

Aftermarket fans installed

Front mount post trimming

We got the car on the dyno and started the SD tuning. The car was responding very well and shortly after we have a turbo kit that is making full boost (8-9psi) by 3200 rpm. The cars final numbers through the automatic transmission were 546 rwhp and 590 ft lbs. We also went the extra mile and threw a 6 speed transmission in the car, the results with the tune exactly the same, it made 564 and 652. After swapping the stock automatic transmission back into the car we avoided driving the car hard on the street, so that we could take it to the track rental that was coming in the next few weeks.

The car did really well for bone stock car with a turbo kit, supporting fuel, and a set of 17 inch ET streets. I made the first pass in the car to check the fueling going down the track and make sure the car was safe, keep in mind the car had only dyno time due to wanting to save the weak transmission. First pass off the trailor and the car went:

60': 1.92
660': 7.50 @ 100
1320': 11.40 @ 128

The rest of the day we were surprised to get 3 more timeslips that looked identical. Below are 2 videos from the Camaro at the track, there are also other videos from the same day. We were really happy with the car and the transmission lived. The customer plans on adding a converter, and a built transmission and the car will be deep into the 10's for under 10k in mods.

  • Model: FTP Turbo Kit: Retaining A/C
  • Shipping Weight: 250lbs
  • Manufactured by: Fast Track Performance