Kenne Bell 2.6L for 03-04 Cobra


Product Information

Up to 617 RWHP vs. stock 366HP with stock cats, MAF meter, throttle body and injectors from ONLY a Kenne Bell Supercharger Upgrade kit and Cobra Cool Air Kit - and 656HP @ 26 psi.

No other product has created more excitement for Cobra owners than the Kenne Bell Twin Screw kits. Powerful, reliable and HP flexible.

Pick your boost and make a 4 minute pulley change. Run 8-15 psi on the street with 92 octane and then increase the octane for higher boost levels up to 26 psi.

The best performance product available for the '03 Cobra. Just bolting it on at same 13 psi as Eaton increases power by 72HP. That's more than headers, exhaust, pre cats, x pipe, throttle body and mass air meter make - and there's plenty more supercharger potential power on tap. Rated at 950HP.

8-20 psi kit is available in Satin Black or Polished. Includes Kenne Bell BLOWZILLA 2.6L Supercharger, FLOWZILLA inlet manifold, Kenne Bell SWITCH CHIP and 30 amp BOOST-A-PUMP, Tuning Instructions and Dyno Tests for all pulley sizes. Extra pulleys available for $69. Kenne Bell Cobra Cool Air Kit highly recommended at any boost level. Lose that underhood "hot air" kit. Up to 26 psi (consult us).

A direct bolt on replacement. 30% lower air charge temp and 30% less parasitic (HP) loss than the stock Eaton. 70 more HP than Eaton at 13 psi (90 more HP with Kenne Bell Cobra "Cool Air Kit") - and the boost doesn't "drop off" from 13 to 10.5 psi as with the Eaton. Boost range 9-26 psi.

  • Model: TS1000-03C
  • Shipping Weight: 90lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kenne Bell